Torch On Waterproofing

Torch On Waterproofing

Torch on waterproofing is a highly effective sheet membrane system that can benefit your project and protect it against the harsh Australian climate. The product has been in the waterproofing market for over 40 years and is continuously evolving to remain a premium membrane system for domestic, commercial and industrial jobs and projects.

Torch on membrane is primarily used on flat roofs and decks, balconies, planter boxes, and below ground. The membrane system consists of sticky, viscous organic liquids and Bitumen, a hydrocarbon made from crude oil, which is the key component of this membrane system. It is non-harmful to the environment, highly effective against water, and widely considered to be one of the most reliable membrane systems for qualified waterproofing contractors. This product can be used on both commercial and domestic waterproofing projects.

There are two types of torch on membranes available in the market: APP and SBS. APP is the most commonly used torch on membrane in Australia, while SBS is heavily used on built-up wall flashings or areas that need a highly flexible sheet.

It is essential to hire experienced applicators like JDF Waterproofing to install this product as the detailed work catches inexperienced applicators out every time.

Torch on waterproofing is a versatile product and can be adapted to meet the needs of most projects. The system can be made up of four components: a liquid primer, a vented base sheet (not commonly used), a 3mm base sheet, and a 4.5mm mineral cap sheet.

Torch on is a flexible waterproofing membrane consisting of a mixture of penetration bitumen, modified with Atactic Polypropylene (APP), and reinforced with a layer of non-woven polyester. The upper surface can be finished with a mixture of talcum and sand or mineral chip depending on whether it is a base sheet or cap sheet. The under finishing consists of a thin layer of Polyethylene foil. This membrane is flexible and resistant to tears as well as punctures.

The benefits of torch on bitumen waterproofing include suitability for full water immersion as well as sub-soil applications, making it an ideal application for sealing retaining walls, rooftops, decks, balconies, box gutters, and planter boxes. Torch on is also able to protect buildings while retaining harmony with the building’s environmental surroundings thanks to a range of mineral finishes offered

Torch on membrane system will protect insulation and have the potential to reflect harmful sun rays. It is also non-water-soluble, non-biodegradable, non-carcinogenic, and non-toxic. Fumes released during installation are not harmful to humans, and there is low noise pollution during application.

At JDF Waterproofing we are excited to offer torch-on waterproofing to our customers who want to take advantage of this eco-friendly, highly effective solution. We service all areas of Adelaide and South Australia, whether domestic or industrial, and offer free quotes. Contact us using the below form to get started!

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